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Lansing school kids learn about the history of the Iditarod and how important team work is in all stages of life.

We love to bring the history of dog sledding to the children of Michigan. We not only have dogs that are sled dogs but we also have dogs that love to preform for kids and adults a like.

We have programs for schools that include but not limited to; Speaking out the Iditarod, Lynzie and

her dogs journey in the Jr. Iditarod, how team work is such an important skill for a team of dogs to have and March reading month.

If you would like us to come to your school for a half day or a full day please give us a call.

Half day rate :$650

Full day rate :$850


March reading month, Heartland Michigan.

Sled dogs at Cromaine library, Michigan.


sled dog demonstration.

March reading month: Cromaine Library.


Michigan sled dog presentation. March reading

Triston loves to teach about her career as a sled dog.



” Teamwork, Talent, and Tricks

Recently, Lynzie and her dogs were fabulous guests at Pattengill Academy. The event was a gift to the school from the Pattengill Cub Scout Pack. The dogs were amazing. During classroom visits, she and the dogs showed how outstanding training can make dogs comfortable even as the center of attention. It was a special treat for students to pet the dogs and hear from Lynzie about her experiences as a musher and trainer. She included messages about not giving up, particularly when first trying a new dog sledding event and explained how the heart of the dog is much more important than the dog’s breed or size when pulling a sled. Even tiny Chilkoot can pull. These messages were great for students. Tricks and questions at ‘Lunch with Lynzie’ gave small groups of students from each classroom a special memory.

After lunch, Lynzie and her dog Heather shared a free-style K9 frisbee show for those students recognized with the school’s Star Award. According to one student, “This was the best Star Award Celebration all year!” Judging by the applause from other students, they agreed. Teachers shared their appreciation as well. Throughout the day, Lynzie demonstrated how she works with the dogs as a team to recognize and showcase each dog’s talent and some very special tricks. ”  Ann Mellen 


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