The littlest sled dog

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Chillkoot ” The littlest sled dog”

As I go through life there are many lessons I have learned one is never give up.

I love to teach children that they should never give on their dreams and to fight for what they want. I also love to show that it does not matter the size of a dog, its the heart they have to want to pull.

Chillkoot is my 9 lb Skipperke mix I rescued from a Flea market. She loves to pull in harness with her best friend Re-Run a border c

I have decided to write a children’s book ” The littlest sled dog”  about chillkoot and how when you go for your dream anything is possible.

Stay tuned for updates on the progression of the book .


sled dog presentation

Chillkoot helping get ready for a sled dog presentation.


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