Urban Mushing


Do you have a dog that is just full of energy and bouncing off the walls?

Why not try some urban mushing! Mushing is not just for sled dogs, it’s for any dog that want to run! Urban mushing has taking over the mushing world by storm for a few reasons; you can do it any where, any time, and only need 1 or 2 dogs.

What is Urban Mushing you ask? It consists of Bike-jouring, Cani-cross and Scootering. Any size dog can do any of these sports and so can you.

Want more information on how to get your dog and your self into Urban Mushing contact us today

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Bike jouring in michigan

My Border collie and I bike-jouring  at Fort Custer state park.

Urban mushing Michigan scooter, german short hair

My German shorthaired pointers and I doing scooter at Fort Custer state park.








dryland, classes, urban, mushing, michigan

Jon Perry bike-jouring at Kalkaska Michigan.

scooter, pointers, sled dog, michigan, class

Scootering with the girls at Fort Custer, Michigan state park.


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